History of Aquaculture ID

Aquaculture ID is a branch of Fleuren & Nooijen BV. Fleuren & Nooijen started over 30 years ago with a small hatchery for African catfish and has developed into a company designing and constructing aqua culture systems for a wide range of species and goals using its extensive fish farming experience and knowledge.

Fleuren & Nooijen had customers among commercial fish farmers and researchers of universities and institutes. Both customer groups do keep fish in our systems, but both with different goals and specific needs. In order to improve our service to each of those customer groups, it was decided to erect specific business units for each of the customer groups. This was a fact as of the 1st of May 2018.

Commercial Aquaculture

Aquaculture ID specifically focusses on commercial aquaculture. Aquaculture is our identity; we are African catfish fingerling farmers ourselves and we design and construct complete innovative fish farms for a large number of fish species for our customers. Every project starts with an idea from the customer, which will result in a successful aquaculture project using our innovative designs.

The Aquaculture ID representative is Bas Weinans. Bas Weinans is an all-round aquaculture specialist, with several years of experience in design and construction of hatcheries and grow out systems for customers all over the world. He is backed up by a complete team of capable specialists, from our hatchery manager to allround technicians, to produce the most efficient and cost effective designs.

Aquatic Research Facilities

Fleuren & Nooijen BV has a specific branch active in design and construction of complete aquatic research facilities. This branch can be reached through www.zebcare.nl.

Contact us

If you have any questions or would like to request an invoice, just send us an email! Or contact us via the following phone number: