Optimized production of African catfish fingerlings

All our hatchery practices are optimized, with a strong emphasis on optimal grading. Next to this, the African catfish fingerlings in the hatchery is fed high quality Skretting hatchery diets. In the hatchery both Dutch Strain African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) and Hybrid catfish (Heteroclarias sp.) fry and fingerlings are produced.

Transport of African catfish fingerlings

Aquaculture ID supplies a range of fry and fingerling sizes. Hybrid catfish and Dutch Strain African catfish fingerlings up to 10 grams per piece are transported using our dedicated fish transporter. This transporter is equipped with aerated insulated live tanks and is capable of transporting the fish in a radius of 800 kms from the Aquaculture ID hatchery.

For destinations further away, it is only possible to transport the fish economically at maximum 0,1 gram per piece of fry. These fish are packed in plastic bags containing water and pure oxygen. The bags are packed in polystyrene boxes. Per box a maximum of 3.000 pieces of 0,1 gram fish can be packed. Aquaculture ID guarantees this packing for 30 hours of transport.

Aquaculture ID can arrange transport of the fry or fingerlings either using our own vehicle (maximum range 800 kms from the Aquaculture ID hatchery) or to destinations around the world using air transport. All transports are accompanied with the necessary documents (TRACES, Health Certificate, Certfifcate of Origin, etc.). The Aquaculture ID hatchery is certified by the Dutch Veterinary Authorities and has excellent contacts with the major animal transport agents in the Netherlands.

Contact Bas Weinans for more information on Dutch Strain African catfish fingerlings. Next to African catfish fingerlings we produce broodstock fish.

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