Introduction to African catfish

African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) is highly sought after for its meat quality and taste in many countries in Africa, Europa and Asia. It was introduced in The Netherlands in the early 1980s as a promising candidate for Dutch aquaculture. Since 1985, catfish have been cultured commercially in The Netherlands.

Right from the start, Aquaculture ID have been involved in the production of catfish fingerlings for the growing aquaculture sector in The Netherlands from our hatchery in Someren, The Netherlands. Our broodstock originated from wild strains from different regions in Africa and Israel. By selection on specific traits, such as stress resistance, improved growth capacity and high fillet percentage, using data obtained from customers, it was possible to develop the “Dutch Strain”.

Our fish perform very well in RAS grow out farms as well as semi-flow through and pond systems. Its docile character allows the fish to quickly regain normal behaviour after stressors such as grading.

Performance of Dutch Strain African catfish

Under optimal circumstances (RAS facility, using extruded diet 44% protein 12% fat) our fish show the following performance:

Growth capacity In 6 months from newly hatched fry to 1,5 kgs
Fillet percentage 45%
Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) 0,85

Hybrid catfish

As well as the Dutch Strain African catfish, Aquaculture ID also supplies Hybrid catfish (Heteroclarias sp.). The fish is a hybrid between the Clarias gariepinus and the Vundu (Heterobranchus longifilis). The hybrid catfish has the same growth performance as the Dutch Strain catfish, but has an almost white fish fillet and a higher fillet percentage. The higher fillet percentage is caused by the absence of ovaries in the female fish as these hybrid catfish do not produce eggs or sperm.

From our hatchery in The Netherlands, Aquaculture ID supplies fry and fingerlings as well as ready-to-spawn broodstock to farmers worldwide.

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