Introduction to the African catfish broodstock system Plug and Play

This smaller brother of the African catfish broodstock system is specifically designed for the Plug and Play African catfish system range. The African catfish broodstock is kept in excellent condition in the African catfish broodstock system Plug and Play. The African catfish broodstock system Plug and Play allows full control on your African catfish broodstock fish. The combination of perfect husbandary and high quality broodstock fish feed,  results in African catfish broodstock in optimal condition. If desired, Aquaculture id can also supply broodstock fish (Dutch strain African catfish) worldwide.

Specification of the system:

  • 2x Polypropylene fish tanks with two outlets; one for return to sedimentation tank and one for draining the tank completely
  • 2x Cover (out of SS304) to prevent the fish from jumping out of the tank
  • 1x Polypropylene sedimentation tank. The sedimentation tank is filled with filter blocks.
  • 1x Polypropylene moving bed tank, filled with PP particles and aeration equipment.
  • Frame (out of SS304) with adjustable stands
  • 1x Messner pump (German quality!)
  • 1x 40 watt UV-C unit
  • PVC pipes and fittings

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  • Recirculating Aquaculture System Technique
  • Specifically designed for African catfish
  • Plug & Play

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