This system is the largest of the three African catfish systems available at Aquaculture ID. Each aquaria of the African catfish hatching system large can be stocked with 200 gram of eggs. Giving a total stocking density of 800 eggs per run. The fertilised eggs are spread over the included floating egg trays and hatch in around 24 hours (when water temperature is around 29 degrees Celsius). The larvae will fall through the mesh of the eggs trays while the non-hatched eggs will stay behind. Treating the eggs with chemicals is NOT needed, resulting in healthier fry.

Specifications of the African catfish hatching system Large:

  • 4x Glass aquaria. Complete with outflow sieves
  • 1x Stainless steel (SS304) support. This support will hold the aquaria and the PVC pipes for water inflow and outflow
  • 1x Fibreglass with wooden core filter tank, combined sedimentation tank and pump tank. The sedimentation tank is equipped with PP filter blocks for mechanical filtration and all the necessary PVC inlets and outlets
  • 1x Messner Pump (German quality!)
  • 1x UV-C device for clear water
  • Floating egg trays
  • PVC pipes and fittings

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  • Recirculating Aquaculture System
  • Specifically designed for African catfish
  • High production at 800 grams per run

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