Operation of a flow through system

A semi-flow through system allows low tech intensive farming of fish species like African catfish and Tilapia.

In a semi-flow through (also known as raceway system) grow out fish farm, the African catfish or Tilapia is housed in tanks only equipped with a water inlet from a reliable water source (like a reservoir, river, lake) and a water outlet to a waste water discharge point (e.g. horticulture, river). The fish tanks are constructed of reinforced concrete or galvanized steel rings in which a liner is fitted or, in case of Tilapia, lined fish ponds are used. All valves are operated manually.

In a semi-flow through system the water in each tank is exchanged based upon the visibility of the water. If the waste load is higher (in larger fish being fed a higher feeding level), more water is exchanged per day. A semi-flow through system is ideal in rural areas with limited access to electricity but with the availability of a reliable water source like a river or lake. Check out the Congo Brazzaville African catfish project as an example of a raceway system.

The Aquaculture ID approach

In order for you to have success, we always strive to delivering complete aquaculture projects. This is the reason all our project proposals include the necessary equipment for the grow out systems, all desired spare parts and necessary fish farming equipment, like fish graders, nets, fish transport tanks, weighing scales, etc. and technical and fish farming training on site.

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