Aquaculture grow out systems summed up

There are four main aquaculture grow out systems/techniques (or combinations of these). These four aquaculture grow out techniques are pond, cage, flow through or RAS. Based upon the climate, availability of water, land and electricity the decision of aquaculture grow out systems are made.

Our fish grow out designs are the result of the cooperation between the customer and us. Every project starts with a blank page and a lot of ideas. The combination of the ideas and requirements of the customer, local constraints and our extensive knowledge and experience in the design and construction of grow out fish farms, lead to the best possible solutions. As a result the customer gets exactly what he wants within the technical and biological possibilities.

In a recirculating aquaculture system the system water is continuously filtered. Ensuring a constant water quality for your aquatic organisms. More information on RAS can be found here.

Flow through technology
In a flow through grow out system, also known as raceway, fresh water is added (continuously or scheduled) to ensure good quality water for the aquatic organisms. More information on flow through technology can be found here.

Cages are ideally to produce large quantities of fish in large water bodies (sea, lakes, etc.). Unfortunate farmers have almost no control of the water quality.

The least intensive production method is pond farming. This is implies creating a pond (with or without liner) and produce the aquatic organisms inside this created environment.

Type of aquaculture grow out systems

The decision to use either RAS, semi-flow through, cage or pond technology is based on specific infrastructure parameters, desired location, etc. Grow out solutions in cages or ponds can be supplied in close cooperation with our business partners.

Aquaculture ID is able to supply, next to a complete project design and proposal for a grow out facility, also the design of a dedicated hatchery and processing. Aquaculture ID has made RAS grow out designs for fish species such as tilapia, African catfish, sturgeon, barramundi, carp, etc. We also supply all necessary equipment, perform installation on-site and provide technical training.

Please contact Bas Weinans of Aquaculture ID to give you the correct advise.

Equipment for aquaculture grow out systems

Next to the different grow out systems we supply a wide range of aquaculture equipment and products.

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