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The RAS African catfish pre-ongrowing system is ready for use

20 March 2020

We’re proud of the end result of the RAS African catfish pre ongrowing system which we have built together with our German customer. By efficiently making use of the height of the building and the use of squared tanks available…

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African catfish farmer’s handbook by Willy Fleuren for sale

29 January 2020

For everyone who is interested in fish farming in Africa and especially catfish breeding, we now have a very interesting book: African catfish farmer's handbook by Willy Fleuren. Willy Fleuren has been involved in fish farming in Nigeria since 1998.…

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Company closing due to Christmas holidays

22 December 2019

Due to the Christmas holidays, our company is closed from December 23 to January 3. We will be at your disposal again on January 6. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2020.

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Installation of RAS African catfish pre ongrowing system

19 December 2019

Last week Paul Nooijen helped with the installation of a RAS African catfish pre ongrowing system from a German customer. This new system, designed and constructed in our workshop, replaces the current pre ongrowing tanks of the RAS grow out…

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Saudi delegation visiting Aquaculture ID

04 December 2019

A Saudi delegation, under the guidance of members of the Dutch embassy in Saudi Arabia, visited our office and African catfish hatchery last Monday. After our presentation, we had a nice discussion about the possibilities of RAS aquaculture in Saudi…

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