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Contract signed for African catfish hatchery for 1000 MT grow out farm in Slovakia

04 June 2018

Aquaculture ID is going to design and construct a complete turnkey hatchery for Agro Rybia Farma in Slovakia. The order was placed early June and construction of the materials has started. The project includes, next to the hatchery systems for…

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Aquaculture ID comes with complete plug & play 10 MT African catfish grow out in a 40 ft container

10 May 2018

What is easier than to receive your farm in a container ready to run? After designing and constructing plug & play hatchery systems, Aquaculture ID has designed a complete production unit in a 40 ft container capable of producing 10,000…

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Aquaculture ID delivers African catfish broodstock to farm in Mali

28 April 2018

High quality “Dutch strain” African catfish broodstock is the result of over 30 years of selection in our own hatchery in The Netherlands. Selection criteria were stress and disease resistance, growth speed and meat percentage. The result is a fish…

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