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Saudi delegation visiting Aquaculture ID

04 December 2019

A Saudi delegation, under the guidance of members of the Dutch embassy in Saudi Arabia, visited our office and African catfish hatchery last Monday. After our presentation, we had a nice discussion about the possibilities of RAS aquaculture in Saudi…

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Finalizing fish tanks of RAS Juvenile system

23 October 2019

We are finalizing the fish tanks of a RAS juvenile system for African catfish. The system, for a German client, will be used to pre grow fingerlings from the hatchery into healthy juveniles of about 160 gram.

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Hatchery International magazine published an article about our plug and play hatchery systems

04 September 2019

Hatchery International magazine published the following article about our plug and play hatchery systems: Aquaculture ID has developed a new hatchery system that will streamline installation for small to medium-sized hatcheries (less than one million fry per year). The “plug-and-play”…

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Plug and Play fish hatchery systems ready for transport to Congo Brazzavile

28 June 2019

We are now finalizing a project including our plug and play hatchery systems for a client in Congo Brazzaville. The big advantage of these fish hatchery systems is that we can assemble them completely in our workshop before they are…

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New plug and play tilapia incubator with 3 jars

03 April 2019

We have developed a tilapia egg incubator system with 3 hatching jars for small and medium-sized tilapia hatcheries. The specifications of this tilapia egg incubator are similar to its bigger 6-jar brother and are as follows: 3x Mc Donald hatching…

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