For the optimal growth of many fish species, it is essential to aerate or oxygenate the system water. We can offer different solutions for aeration of you hatcheries and grow out facilities.

Aeration device for small hatchery systems

We offer farmers affordable aerators with low energy use made with durable aluminium housing for small hatchery systems.

The following aerator we have in stock:

12051             Air pump Hailea ACO 318 (32 W, 240 V), delivery: 60 l/min, head 2.0 m

12052             Air pump Hailea ACO 328 (50 W – 240 V), delivery: 70 l/min, head 3.0 m

Air stones

We supply several types of high quality air stones suitable for fresh water and seawater. The highly porous character of these stones creates very fine air bubbles for optimal aeration.

The following products we have in stock:

12067             Air stone ball ø50 mm

12070             Air stone cilinder 40×170 mm

12071             Air stone cilinder 40×220 mm


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