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“African catfish farmer’s handbook is a practical handbook written by Willy Fleuren from a background in aquaculture and a wealth of experience in the practical management of cultured fisheries and in different production systems. It is filled with interesting learning points and nuggets of wisdom for a successful enterprise in fish farming. In addition, the author present his points in the simplest, most understandable, and adaptive form.

Willy Fleuren has been involved in fish farming in Nigeria since 1998. He pioneered the introduction and establishment of the first Recirculation Aquaculture System in Nigeria. A believer in technology transfer, he trained the first set of Nigerians on tis use, and they worked directly with him on the early prototypes of the system. This led to an initial explosive wide acceptance of the system through the train-the-train approach.

My Interest in aquaculture and fisheries is why I took the time to read the manual. It is a handbook that anyone can enjoy. It will be useful for student, start-up and established entrepreneurs, researchers, input suppliers, colleges, universities and government officials. I highly recommend this interesting and education handbook to all persons interested in fisheries and aquaculture. It is an excellent guide and must-have reference material.

Born in the Netherlands, were Willy Fleuren started fish farming to complete his MSc degree in Aquaculture in 1984, he has been living in Nigeria since 2009.”

Foluke O Areola, Former Federal Director of FISON.

Table of contents of African catfish farmer’s handbook:

  1. Introduction – Reasons why fish farms don’t succeed 7
  2. The biology of the African sharptooth catfish 9
  3. The available sources of water 21
  4. Fish culture systems 37
  5. Choice of materials for fish farms, sizes, shapes and numbers 75
  6. How to setup a fish farm 87
  7. Feed and feeding 97
  8. Reproduction of the African catfish 117
  9. Catfish diseases 147
  10. Fish farm management 173
  11. Catfish marketing 189
  12. Economics of catfish farming 201
  13. Intergrated farming 209
  • Appendices 217
  • Glossary 237
  • Word of thanks 243

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  • Soft cover
  • Hard cover
  • 245 pages

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