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Introduction to the African catfish fingerling system Plug and Play

After the fish are transferred from African catfish hatching system Plug and Play into the African catfish fingerling system Plug and Play, the fry need about 3 weeks to grow to 1-gram fingerlings. The fingerling system consists of two fish tanks which are very easy to maintain (disinfect and clean) between each batch of fry.

Specifications of the system

  • 2x Polypropylene fish tanks with two outlets; one for return to sedimentation tank and one for draining the tank completely
  • Sedimentation filter tank (mechanical filtration) allows for removing all the solid particles from the system water flow.
  • Moving bed filter tanks (biological filtration) which convert the ammonia produced by the fish into nitrate. Each tank consists of a moving bed filter tank, filled with PP particles and aeration equipment to aerate the filter tank.
  • Pump tank in which pump, freshwater supply and overflow pipe are installed.
  • Frame (out of SS304) with adjustable stands for easy installation of system.
  • 1x Messner pump (70 W – 240 V) (made in Germany)
  • 1x 40-watt VGE UV-C unit with SS304 housing (made in The Netherlands)
  • 1x Air pump (160 W – 240 V) to aerate the moving bed filter tank
  • Connection for freshwater supply (1x floating valve (automatic filling), 1x ball valve (manual filling))
  • PVC piping and fittings to connect the different system elements.

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