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Introduction to the African catfish hatching system Plug and Play

In the African catfish hatching system, the fertilised eggs, obtained from the selected broodstock, will be placed and hatched. Each floating egg tray, one in each tank, should be stocked with 100 grams of fertilised eggs. This will result in a total stocking density of 400 eggs per cycle. The fertilised eggs are then evenly spread over the sieves of the floating egg trays and hatch in around 24 hours (when water temperature is around 29 degrees Celsius). The larvae will fall through the mesh of the egg trays while the non-hatched eggs will stay behind. Treating the eggs with chemicals is NOT needed, refraining to do so will result in healthier fry.

Specifications of the system

  • 4x polypropylene fish tanks with 1 outlet in the bottom. Complete with two types of outflow sieves (large and small)
  • Sedimentation filter tank (mechanical filtration) allows for removing all the solid particles from the system water flow.
  • Pump tank in which pump, freshwater supply and overflow pipe are installed.
  • Frame (out of SS304) with adjustable stands for easy system installation.
  • Connection for freshwater supply (1x floating valve (automatic filling), 1x ball valve (manual filling))
  • 1x Messner pump (70 W – 240 V) (made in Germany)
  • 1x 40-watt VGE UV-C unit with SS304 housing (made in The Netherlands)
  • 1x Air pump (50 W – 240 V) including supply line and air diffusers
  • 4x floating egg trays

Breeding results with other catfish species

The hatching system is not only suitable for the breeding of African catfish as the system has confirmed breeding results for the following fish species:
Heterobranchus longifilis
Clarias batrachus

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  • Recirculating Aquaculture System Technique
  • Specifically designed for African catfish
  • Plug & Play

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