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Artemia or brine shrimp are used as a first feed for African catfish fry. The benefit of this fish feed is that it can be hatched on-site using cysts. These cysts have a very long shelf life (when stored vacuum and in the refrigerator many years) without losing hatching capacity. With our artemia hatching system, you will be able to produce large quantities of artemia for your fry.

We recommend to use artemia from the Great Salt Lake in the United States of America. We have large quantities of GSL Artemia in stock (vacuum sealed packages of 0,5 kg). Please contact us for the latest prices.


  • 2x Polyethylene funnels (113 litres) with bottom outlet including ball valve
  • Frame (out of SS304) with adjustable stands for easy installation of system.
  • 1 TL-pendant 2x 36 Watt (240 V)
  • Connection for freshwater supply
  • Air pump (47 W – 240 V) including supply line and air diffuser
  • Gutter with a central outlet
  • Artemia harvest sieve
  • PVC plate at the back of the stand with aeration line

See ourĀ Artemia hatching system large if you require a higher amount of artemia production.


  • Production of large amounts of healthy artemia
  • 2 funnels

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