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We have developed this catfish breeding manager software in such way that this tool can be used for any egg laying catfish species, as long as they are chipped or tagged.
With this tool you will be able to:

  • Easy and fast search the different fishes swimming around in your fish tanks
  • Manage the different breeding moments performed at the hatchery
  • Manage the broodstock fish in your fish tanks
  • Manage the broodstock fish tanks
  • Manage the microchips or tags
  • Calculate the inbreeding coefficient of each breeding

Manage the different breeding moments performed at the hatchery

You will be able to overview, add or edit each breeding performed at your hatchery to the catfish breeding manager software. With an easy form you can add multiple fish to one breeding. Important data like weight, sperm quality and weight of eggs can be added as well. In the breeding overview a fill list is shown of all breeding moments performed at your hatchery.

Manage the broodstock fish

The breeding history of each broodstock fish in your hatchery can be monitored. With three graphs the production history of each fish is shown very clear. Next to these graphs and fish details a full list of all participated breeding moments is given.

Manage the fish tanks

From the fish tank overview page you will be able to go to each individual fish tank. Per fish tank you can easily see the amount of fish in the fish tank. Next the number of fish you will be able to see the species and gender of the different broodstock fish. At the bottom of the overview screen a list of all broodstock fish is given.

Manage the microchips

To reduce costs, some of our clients reuse the microchips by recovering the microchip from discarded fish. This software is designed in such way that you will be able to reuse the microchips after a fish has been discarded. Hereby reducing the production costs.

Software requirements:

  • Windows 7 or Windows 10
  • Software can be installed on one computer, no internet connection required

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  • Can be used for any egg laying catfish species
  • Software for windows
  • No internet connection required

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