We supply a wide range of pumps for fish farming. The heart of a fish farm is the pump. That is why we only supply high-quality pumps from our European suppliers.

Pumps for hatchery systems

Messner is a German brand known for durable products with an extremely reliable motor technology. We are using pumps from the Messner Eco-Tec2 series in our hatchery systems for many years already. These energy-efficient pumps can be used submerged or can be installed outside the system. These pumps are delivered with different  hose couplings.



The following pumps we have in stock:

10198              Messner Eco-Tec2 4.500 (48 W – 240 V)

10199             Messner Eco-Tec2 7.500 (75 W – 240 V)

10195              Messner Eco-Tec2 10.000 (110 W – 240 V)

10196              Messner Eco-Tec2 16.000 (190 W – 240 V)

10197              Messner Eco-Tec2 20.000 (205 W – 240 V)


Coverage chart Eco-Tec2 series





  • European suppliers
  • Energy-efficient
  • High quality

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