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Introduction to the Tilapia incubation system 6 jars

Tilapia eggs will be transferred to one of the six Mc Donald hatching jars of the tilapia incubation system plug and play. Each hatching jar has a volume of 8 litres at a density of max. 20,000 eggs per jar, resulting in a total density of 120,000 eggs per cycle. Please check out our smaller tilapia incubation system (with three hatching jars) if you require a system for smaller production. After a period of 3 to 5 days the eggs will hatch. After hatching the yolk sac fry will flow out of the jar into a white reception tank. After complete yolk sac absorption, the fry should be transferred to the tilapia fingerling systems.

Specifications of the system:

Specifications of the Tilapia incubation system 6 jars:

  • 6x Mc Donald hatching jars, approximately 8 litres each
  • 6x Tilapia fry reception tanks
  • Sedimentation filter tank (mechanical filtration) allows for removing all the solid particles from the system water flow.
  • Pump tank in which pump, freshwater supply and overflow pipe are installed.
  • Frame (out of SS304) with adjustable stands for easy system installation.
  • Connection for freshwater supply (1x floating valve (automatic filling), 1x ball valve (manual filling))
  • 1x Messner pump (48 W – 240 V) (made in Germany)
  • 1x 40-watt VGE UV-C unit with SS304 housing (made in The Netherlands)
  • PVC piping and fittings to connect the different system elements.

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  • Recirculating Aquaculture System
  • Specifically designed for tilapia
  • Plug & Play

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