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In the tilapia juvenile system, the fish are grown from about 0,5 gram fingerlings to 2~3 gram tilapia juveniles (final size depending on the needs of the farmer). These larger juveniles are much stronger then the smaller fingerlings, giving them a head start in the pre ongrowing section of your grow out farm.

Specifications of the tilapia juvenile system:

  • 6x full fiberglass tanks of 1.100 litres, each tank has a double outlet for draining and one for the connection to the filtration system
  • 1x glass fibre with wooden core filter tank, combined sedimentation tank and pump tank. The sedimentation tank is equipped with PP filter blocks for mechanical filtration and all the necessary PVC inlets and outlets
  • 1x stainless steel stand for the biotower constructed of stainless steel (SS304) beam
  • 1x reception tank of glass fibre with wooden core
  • 1x biotower for biological filtration. The biotower is constructed of a stainless-steel (SS304) support and PVC lining, filled with filter blocks.
  • 2x UV-C devices
  • 1x SAER pump
  • Aeration line and aerator for each tank
  • PVC pipes and fittings

Please note that an African catfish juvenile system is similar as the tilapia juvenile system. With the biggest difference that the tilapia fingerling system is foreseen with aeration.

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  • Recirculating Aquaculture System
  • High production of strong tilapia juveniles

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