With the use of irradiation of UV-C light it is possible to control excessive growth of micro-organisms including bacteria. Aquaculture ID is supplier of a wide range of high-quality UV-C devices from Dutch suppliers.

Budget Flex UV-C lights for hatcheries

Our Budget Flex UV-C light 40 Watt is from Dutch origin, is easy to install and is flexible in use due to the multiple connection options. The Budget Flex UV-C light 40 Watt which is often used in our hatchery systems has a stainless steel body for maximum durability and comes with a 5 meter cable. The device  can be used for flows up to 20.000 L/h and has a total lenght of only 85 cm.

Interesting for your hatchery? We always have the Budget Flex UV-C light 40 Watt in stock.

12560              UV-C – Budget Flex 40 W (240 V)


  • Dutch origin
  • High quality

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