African catfish
700.000 fingerlings

Catfish from our hatchery

For over 2 years we have supplied African catfish fry to Agro Rybia Farma in Slovakia from our African catfish hatchery. Agro Rybia Farma has an African catfish RAS grow out with a capacity of 1000 MT per year. Aquaculture ID has designed and constructed the fish hatchery for the production of all required fish on location, so the delivery of fish from our hatchery is no longer necessary.

Hatchery design

The hatchery consists of 4 recirculating aquaculture systems, each specially designed for a specific life stage of the African catfish (a broodstock system, hatching system, fingerling system and juvenile system). The produced fry of approximately 10 grams per piece can then be used immediately in the grow out. In addition to monitoring, alarm, heating, etc., every RAS system is also equipped with an automatic pH control. This control ensures that the pH of the water always remains at the desired pH value of 7. The entire nursery was built by our engineers in collaboration with local contractors.

Hatchery of Agro Rybia Farma
Handlova Slovakia

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