100 MT
Dominican Republic

Concrete work by local contractor

Aquaculture ID provided the total design for this 100 MT Tilapia grow out farm, including the reinforced concrete fish tanks and the reinforced concrete tanks for the filtration unit. According to this design the customer constructed the twenty fish tanks, the pump tank, mechanical filter tank and the biological filter tank himself.

Installation of technology

After completion of the concrete work Aquaculture ID shipped all necessary filtration and aeration technology. On arrival of the goods our mechanics flew in for final assembly of all technology. Together with local workers, of all equipment to a fully functioning grow out farm.

Aerated tanks result in low cost price

This Tilapia grow out farm has been designed to intensively grow Tilapia using aeration only with a very low electricity consumption per kilogram of Tilapia produced. The choice of aerated tanks instead of oxygenated fish tanks was because of the relatively high price of pure oxygen in the Dominican Republic. This shows that our fish farms are designed according to the lowest cost price per kg of fish produced in stead of maximum production per cubic meter of water.

Nilo Agroindustrial
Santiago Dominican Republic

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