African catfish / Tilapia
2 million fingerlings / 1 million juveniles

African catfish and tilapia hatchery

For a Malian customer we designed and constructed an African catfish hatchery with an annual production of two million fingerlings of 1 gram per piece and a hatchery for the production of 1 million 5 gram Tilapia fingerlings per year. For both hatcheries our standard RAS hatchery
modules where used. These RAS modules, each dedicated to house a particular life stage of either African catfish or Tilapia, are simple, sturdy and very effective production units, housing broodstock, fry, fingerlings or juveniles.

As for all projects, the modules and essential other parts, are constructed in and shipped from The Netherlands. Aquaculture ID mechanics installed the different modules, in the right configuration, and connected them to the hatchery infrastructure.

Pisciculture France Afrique
Bamako Mali

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