Custom Turn key fish hatchery

Aquaculture ID has extensive experience in the design and construction of unique hatchery solutions for African catfish, Tilapia, carp, sturgeon, grouper and other fish species, precisely fitting to the needs of the customer.

Aquaculture ID is highly capable of designing and constructing unique hatchery concepts for a wide range of fish species. The concepts and experience of the customer combined with the 30+ year experience of Aquaculture ID ensure designs which are suitable and practical.

Aquaculture ID provides optimal solutions for large scale hatcheries. Fully operational systems can be designed, constructed and installed on location by our skilled mechanics. Combined with technical and farming training on site and service and maintenance after completion, if so desired, Aquaculture ID can also provide complete biosecurity plans for hatcheries.

Contact Bas Weinans of Aquaculture ID to discuss the possibilities.

Hatchery equipment

Next to the different systems we supply a wide range of aquaculture equipment and products.

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