Plug and play tilapia hatchery systems offer the best solution for small to medium sized tilapia hatcheries up to 1 million tilapia juveniles (3 gram) per year.

All the plug and play tilapia hatchery systems are using RAS technology and are completely prefabricated and tested at our well-equipped workshop in The Netherlands. After transport of the equipment to your hatchery site, the only thing remaining for you to do is limited to placing the module level using the levelling feet, attaching to a local water source and putting the electrical plug into its socket!

  • Levelling the tilapia hatchery system using the adjustable feet
  • Attaching the tilapia hatchery system to a local water source
  • Connect the electrical plug of the plug and play tilapia hatchery system to the local power source

We have developed a series of Plug and Play Hatchery systems for African catfish as well as tilapia.

Plug and Play Tilapia Hatchery systems

In the table below you will find the plug and play hatchery systems available for tilapia.

Tilapia hatching system Plug and Play Tilapia incubation system Plug and Play

Hatch the tilapia eggs under excellence circumstances without the use of chemicals

Tilapia fingerling system Plug and Play Tilapia fingerling system Plug and Play

Grow the tilapia fry to fingerlings of 0,5 gram

Tilapia juvenile system Plug and Play

Grow the tilapia fingerlings to juveniles of 3 gram

In order for you to have success, we always strive to complete projects. This is the reason all hatchery project proposals include the necessary equipment for the tilapia hatchery systems, all desired spare parts and necessary fish farming equipment, like fish graders, fish nets, fish transport tanks, weighing scales, etc. and technical and farming training on site. Aquaculture ID also provides complete biosecurity plans for tilapia hatcheries. This gives your hatchery the best start!

Please contact Bas Weinans of Aquaculture ID, he will prepare the best proposal for your hatchery based on plug-and-play systems for the production capacity you need.

Tilapia Hatchery equipment

Next to the different systems we supply a wide range of aquaculture equipment and products.

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